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Hoco B35E Varavirtalähde 30000mAh Power Bank – Valkoinen

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Power bank “B35E Entourage” 30000mAh with LED digital display Micro-USB and Type-C input and three USB 2A output multiple circuit protection

1. Power bank capacity: 30000mAh 37W, so it is convenient to charge your devices while travelling.
2. Input: Micro / Type-C: 5V 2A Max.
3. Battery output: USB 1 / 2 / 3: DC5V / 2A Max. Total output DC5V / 2A Max.
4. LED digital display for power level, therefore you can check remaining power level anytime.
5. Power bank material: ABS + PC flame retardant, hence battery is durable.
6. Multiple circuit protection provide safety charging, so forget about worries.
7. Size: 121*67*9.5mm, weight: 226g.