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Rebel – Electronic notebook, Piirtopöytä 8.5 ”

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Screen: 8.5 ”LCD
Lifetime: up to 100,000 screen cleanings
Power supply: CR2016 3V battery
Screen lock switch
Built-in magnet
Screen cleaning button
Light and slim
Set includes: stylus, battery
Weight: 109 g
Dimensions: 146 x 229 x 5 mm.

Forget about hundreds of notes with a to-do list. From now on, you can leave any information, shopping list or messages for your loved ones in the electronic Rebel Electro notebook. This device is also a great fun tool for children. Let your child learn letters and numbers or create drawings in a modern way.

The electronic drawing tablet is equipped with an 8.5 ”LCD screen, on which you can freely write or draw with the included stylus. When the information is no longer needed, just press the clear button and the image will disappear. If, on the other hand, the saved information is very important and you want to keep it for longer, you can turn on a screen lock so that no one can accidentally delete it.

Comfort of use is ensured by light weight and built-in magnets, thanks to which you can easily attach the tablet to the refrigerator.